EnOrmus Bud is an all-natural product that builds soil health and increases yield.

Why do we use the cannabis leaf? This leaf, more than a symbol of the healing power of plants, is also a reminder to rethink much of the way we grow our food and medicine. A good example is CBD (an active ingredient in cannabis-derived from the hemp plant), which is now widely accepted as a potent remedy that can support or replace many other kinds of medicine. We are only scratching the surface of what nature can do. A move towards natural approaches is surely the best way forward for us all as this is sustainable and best for the environment and for us.

If you are growing your own food and medicine, you will definitely want to use natural inputs that contribute to the finest health and optimum yield of your plants. In this way, you can derive optimum benefit without causing any environmental harm.

EnOrmus Bud is a play on the word Ormus (the main ingredient) and the large Bud or fruit that blooms after using Ormus – enOrmus! The name enOrmus is part of the legacy of Dan Schreiber, one of our founding members

“Take the first step towards soil regeneration”

We strongly believe that the modern synthetic chemical approach to farming is extremely destructive or degenerative. As ardent supporters of Regeneration (the natural process of renewal, restoration and tissue growth), especially in agriculture, we aspire to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Combining years of research and development with a comprehensive insight into regenerative agricultural tools, we share a wholesome and harmonic approach to growing – on your farm and in your garden. We subscribe strongly to bio-mimicry principles, working in a way that is aligned with nature, creating positive feedback loops and providing the conditions conducive to life.

Critics may argue that this way does not make financial sense or can’t produce enough food. By reducing dependency on external inputs, profit goes up (so long as yield doesn’t drop significantly). Once your soil is full of life, yields rise and tend to increase to optimum levels. This is a journey without a quick fix or silver bullets. In the long run, this course is the most profitable and best for the planet and all that share it. Take the first step now!

Here you will find the tools and products to get you on your way towards abundant life in the soil, vitality in your plants and healthy, nutrient dense foods (and medicines of course).

So what is Ormus and how does it work?

enOrmus Bud minerals are collected, concentrated and purified from pristine salts whilst alchemically transformed into their “mono-atomic” state. The alchemical process makes these essential and rare minerals beneficial for all cellular life. It also contains fulvic acid and natural plant growth hormones. Ormus acts like a super-charger on cells. It has a double action – feeding the microbes in the soil and the plant directly. That’s why we call it bio-active cell food. It is ultra-concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

The main action takes place in the rhizosphere: the root zone, where the magical interactions between soil, plant roots and beneficial microbes happen.

Many people don’t know how soil and plants function together. Plants provide sugars to the microbial life (mainly fungi and bacteria) in exchange for minerals and other nutrients. This is why abundant life in the soil is so important.

The better this overall system functions, the healthier your soil and plants will be.

As a bio-active cell food, enOrmous Bud plays a vital role in supporting this overall system by nourishing these beneficial microbes. It also provides a broad spectrum mineral complex that feeds the microbes, fungi and plants.

Feel good about what you put into the soil!

Enormus Bud

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