The people behind enOrmus Bud


Charl Pienaar

  • Charl has a Masters in Agriculture (Plant Genetics) and a MBA

  • He has a deep love for the soil, earth and plants

  • While extending his conventional agronomy knowledge, he came across Biodynamic Agriculture and later Ormus (the key magical ingredient in enOrmus Bud).

  • This spiritual-alchemical world fascinated him, and realising the potential to heal the earth and symbiotically grow healthy, nutrient dense and vibrant plants, he embarked on a mission: help others grow vigorous, nutritious and wholesome plants without the use of harmful chemicals

  • Charl is a certified organic inspector and our Master Alchemist          


Dan Schreiber

  • A botanist, mystic and world renowned speaker, Dan had a great belief in Ormus and its ability to work its magic on soil microbes and thus plants

  • He taught that the true solar economy is the path to abundance, and that planting forests brings back water and health to an ecosystem

  • Dan was a founding member of our business, who sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018. We know he would love this!

  • His enOrmus legacy lives on


Pete Searll

  • With a BBusSci (hons) degree in Marketing and Research, Peter has won numerous industry awards for his innovative work

  • With a curios nature and a passion for learning, Pete realised that Ormus has a huge role to play in healing our world

  • The non-botanist researcher drives our branding and business

  • Pete is an alchemist in training

Ant Cohen

  • Ant has been involved with plant medicine and the natural world for 3 decades

  • Currently works with hemp extracts in various forms to enable the treatment of various conditions

  • A keen lover of nature who lives and works with the premise that we are earths and all its creatures custodians

About Us

Our mission is to provide the optimal inputs for healthy microbes, soil and plants (and people and animals too).
In development for more than 10 years, we proudly bring you enOrmus Bud, a truly magnificent, all natural formulation to help achieve this mission.


How does it work?

Plants provide sugars to the microbial life (in soil and on leaves) in exchange for minerals and other nutrients. These sugars are magically produced by plants converting pure sunlight into matter, and feeds the soil below in beautiful symbiosis.

As a bio-active cell food, enOrmus Bud nourishes these microbes and fungi, providing a broad spectrum mineral complex (over 80 in fact), masterfully blended together with fulvic and humic acids and natural plant hormones. 

enOrmus Bud minerals are concentrated from pristine salts and alchemically transformed into their Orme or m-state, making these essential and rare minerals bio-available and beneficial for all cellular life.


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