How to:

How to apply the EnOrmus Bud 10 ml Sachet

As easy as 1,2,3…Snap, mix, pour

 Outdoors in soil:

Your 10 ml sachet of Bud is good for covering 10 square meters with a one-off soil drench, alternatively treating 5 to 10 plants (such as Cannabis) monthly with a soil drench.

  1. Fill a container with 5 litres of water (you can use more or less, but don’t overdose – EnOrmus Bud is very potent!).
  2. Squeeze out the Bud from the sachet (it is a nifty design that splits open if you bend the sachet in the right way), careful not to waste any. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
  3. Pour the mix out on the soil evenly, to treat about 10 square meters or about five to ten plants.
    Note for small plants: You can cover a bigger area or more plants, maybe up to 20 square meters or 20 plants.

The mix will work best in the root zone, so a slow pour is better. Treat your other pot plants in the same way.

Enormus Bud

Monthly foliar spray:

It is best to follow the soil drench with monthly leaf sprays.

Take a sachet of EnOrmus Bud and mix it with 1 litre of good quality water (that would be a 1 % solution).

Spray over the leaves and stems of your plant(s), not during the heat of the day but early morning or late afternoon.

Expert tip: Spray on the underside of the leaves, because that is where most of the stomata are located. Repeat this treatment once a month until the fruit or bud is well-formed and growing.

What we’re interested in is restoring and maintain healthy soil life, allowing nature to build resilience and bring balance back into your growth. We aim to mimic that what happens in nature, where pristine and undisturbed landscapes are kept in good order without interference by humans. The application of EnOrmus Bud as a soil drench and/or as a foliar spray can go a long way towards helping you to work with nature instead of working against nature (like using harsh synthetic chemicals).

The exact application rate, method of application and timing is not as critical as watching your plants, managing your growth through good husbandry practices and to adapt your treatments according to the season and to what the plants are showing you what might be needed.

And then, wait for the optimal harvest time and enjoy the fruit of your labours … J

Ps: for indoors and hydroponic growing, please contact us for further instructions.