Bio-diversity – the key to resilience

How do farmers and gardeners get more yield and bio-mass from soil?

The more diverse an ecosystem is, the better it functions. This is especially true for plants, and mono-cropping culture is a major threat to diversity – along with the synthetic chemicals that are applied to kill the microbes, fungi and insects.

Do plants “steal” nutrients from other plants? Absolutely not! Will having diverse plants and cover crops reduce the harvest? Quite the opposite!

The diagram below shows this clearly. As the number of diversified plants in an environment is increased (horizontal axis), the total plant bio-mass increases rapidly (vertical axis). It appears that between 5 and 10 different crops are ideal for the most productive soils.

(Science Magazine published an article by Tilman, Knops et al)

Bio-diversity is the crucial factor for resilience in the human gut microbiome, as well as in the soil and broader ecology. enOrmus Bud is the ultimate microbial plant food! (Note: maybe it is me but sounds like for human consumption as well since you were talking about gut health here.)

Regen Agri can help create a food system that has profound benefits for both human and environmental health, just by enriching our soil! It also increases food security when people grow their own healthy food.

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