Proven results using Ormus

Can Ormus really make a difference to your yield? We have conducted numerous large scale field trials using our Ormus products. Here are some highlights of the fantastic results achieved!


We have had stunning success on a number of vineyards, in some cases increasing yield by 5 tons per hectare and maintaining exceptional plant health. Healthy plants are more insects resistant, so less insecticide (hopefully none) is needed.


On 5 field trials (across 4 varieties) with strict control measures, we noticed substantial gains in both tree height and circumference. The percentage gains show the incremental growth of enOrmus Bud treatment as a % of untreated – so it’s a measure of the effect of using enOrmus Bud.
This is especially true for young trees.

Young citrus
Height gains
Circumference gains

For older, more established citrus trees the gains were more modest, the trunk circumference gain was 4.5%, which is still substantial

Charl applying Ormus to young citrus


Large scale field trials on wheat showed a 17% increase in yield compared to the control block. This can have a massive impact on the financial success of the harvest!


Edamame beans treated with Ormus showed a 10% and a 30% gain in biomass – cultivar dependent. Beans treated with Ormus showed a 9% and a 20% gain in the number of pods – cultivar dependent.

We also have great anecdotal evidence and feedback from growers. Here are some pics of abundance from our clients:


Hi, I’m Jaco, the main pot plant grower at LVG plants, based near Krugersdorp in Gauteng Province. In my career I’ve done extensive evaluations of all kinds of conventional and alternative plant foods, probably hundreds of different inputs. Up to recently I could not find any substitute for the chemical fertilizers that could give better or similar results in my growing operations than what I’ve been using.

Then I got introduced to the TransfOrmus products EnOrmus Bud and AgriOrmus, and after testing them I can confirm that these products gave at least a comparable result, for the first time for a natural non-chemical product in my experience. Now that EnOrmus Bud has received registration as a Group III fertilizer under Act 36 of 1947 in South Africa, it would be much easier to incorporate these natural cell food products of high vibration into any growing professional growing regimen.

Well done to the TransfOrmus team!